As June comes to a close, we’re recapping the most noteworthy highlights from the month. 

NetRush Places 37th on Portland Business Journal’s Fastest Growing Private 100 Companies List

Portland Business Journal’s premier calendar event, the Fastest-Growing Private 100 Companies Awards, notices and applauds the innovative, exciting, and interesting ways that businesses are operating and creating opportunities. NetRush was honored to attend the event, and placed #37 on what many consider a very impressive list.

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Shwood interview and factory tour

NetRush kicked off the month by visiting Shwood, the Portland-based wooden sunglasses brand. After an interview with Founder and Designer Eric Singer, NetRush staff were given a factory tour by Co-founder and Sales Director Den Genco.

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NetRush Prepares for Amazon-Whole Foods Acquisition

The acquisition announcement of Whole Foods by Amazon is a signal of increasing focus on digital shoppers that choose natural, organic, and healthy lifestyles — a consumer base we have come to know well through our partnerships with many great brands. This month’s announcement sits on a runway of events that started long ago, too often punctuated by closures and declines, but provides some certainty that the conversation can continue with this important and growing digital consumer base.

While there are many unknowns, we do know that the retail landscape continues to shift, and these are the things we’re watching closely after this acquisition:

  • How will consumer behavior and product preferences change?
  • Will product selection remain a strong driver?
  • What are the supply chain and distribution implications of the Amazon-Whole Foods model?
  • What new opportunities does this create for brands?

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NetRush Celebrates First Day of Summer by Highlighting Brands

June marked the first day of summer 2017. The season comes with hot weather, outdoor adventures, healthy habits, and of course, new products and initiatives from our brand partners. We highlighted some of the upcoming and exciting things our brands have announced for summer, which can be viewed here.

Colby Grantz, NetRush Packaging Manager, Talks about Ecommerce Packaging

NetRush Packaging Manager Colby Grantz dove into the the world of e-commerce packaging, and the value it can add to both supply chain and customer experience.

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