Hard as it is to believe, February is a wrap. A lot happened  and it all happened fast. Before we get too far ahead, we’re taking a moment to recap the biggest news, updates, and features from the month.

 NetRush Insight

EDELRID and NetRush celebrated one-year partnership anniversary.

To mark the occasion, we took part in one of the brand’s efforts to reuse and recycle their products. As a group project, we transformed a retired EDELRID rope into a decorative floor mat (click here to see a video showing their process).

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NetRush turned 11 and celebrated with a throwback.

As you can see, times have changed. When NetRush was founded, we didn’t have iPhones or Facebook, and we were still surfing the web with Internet Explorer. You were beautiful, 2006, it’s true.

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NetRush attended Portland State University’s career fair.

We gave an intimate presentation to a group of PSU students, and afterward attended the career fair looking for talented candidates to join the NetRush team.

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We explored the top FOUR ways to create better Amazon content.

As a company that has been managing brands on the Amazon marketplace for over 10 years, we’ve come to understand what it takes to create quality content on Amazon in order to stand out from the crowd. We boiled this know-how down into four steps to creating content that engages, educates, and converts in this article.


NetRush and Nutcase celebrated one-year partnership anniversary.

This month, to celebrate a successful first year partnering with Nutcase, we got a bit nutty in the office. Everyone donned their Nutcase of choice and took a moment to salute our favorite helmet brand.

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NetRush broke down Amazon’s influence on the buyer’s journey.

To wrap up the month, we created a revamped version of the traditional buyer’s journey to account for Amazon.

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Amazon News

Earlier in the month, news broke Alexa would start getting more comfortable in homes across Germany and the UK. “We’re excited to announce that the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is now available for developers building voice-enabled products for the UK and Germany,” Ted Karczewski said on the Amazon Developers blog. Momentum behind voice command technology is gathering quickly and 2017 is looking like a watershed year for user adoption.

Moving along. Shortly before President’s Day sales commenced, Amazon lowered its free shipping minimum rate for nonsubscribers to $35. While the minimum rate for nonsubscribers has been raised and dropped in the past, this does hold true to Amazon’s core mission to put customers first  even customers who aren’t members yet. That being said, this seems to be a direct response to Walmart opening up free shipping on all orders over $35 last month.

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