The customer journey is how people become aware of, evaluate, and purchase new products or services. The rise of eCommerce has forced brands and businesses to rethink how, when, and why people choose to buy from them. In the midst of this change, Amazon has asserted itself as a force for disruption and change.

What should your brand be doing about this?

Love or hate it, what makes Amazon a relevant marketplace are the people who shop there: millions and millions and millions of people across many demographics. Prime membership stats are dominating in the US.

Results of a recent Bloomreach survey showed that as many as 55% of shoppers start their online search on Amazon, even when a purchase happens elsewhere. Brands should be investing in Amazon content that reflects the prices, image, customer service options, and performance points of their products for “showrooming” and “webrooming” shoppers, who use a combination of search and in-store queries to make a buying decision.

Amazon has become the barometer for future success. Brands winning on Amazon today are going to keep winning in the future, while those not in the game won’t be part of it. Not unless they reallocate the resources to help them catch up.

US Household Membership Stats

Amazon Sam’s Club Costco
44% 34% 31%


What are the critical elements to a successful presence on the Amazon marketplace?




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