Happy Friday, everyone.

To cap off the week, we’ve broken down the biggest news, reviews, and stories from the last seven days.

Word Around The Water Cooler

In completely non-work related news, NASA’s unveiling of seven Earth-sized exoplanets orbiting TRAPPIST-1, a star located 39 light-years away from Earth’s Sun had people excited.

Closer to home, Amazon lowered its free shipping minimum rate for non-subscribers to $35. The change wasn’t advertised or formally announced; publications like Fortune, Forbes, and The Verge broke the news for them. Is it an offensive move to gain more customers, or a response to Walmart opening up free shipping on all orders over $35 last month?

Amazon recently announced that it is adding 15,000 jobs in Europe during 2017.


Local Folklore

Pets love NetRush

We keep getting photos from customers about their pets utilizing our FFP boxes. If your animal family members enjoy them, please keep up coming by tagging us on instagram: @NetRushCom.

Speaking of animals and instagram…

We highlighted cat lover, food-stagram enthusiast and digital marketing sage at NetRush, Sara Davis. Check out the feature post here.


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