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To cap off the week, we’ve broken down the biggest news, reviews, and stories from the last 7 days.




Word Around The WaterCooler

Are Amazon and Google Bringing Back the Telephone?

For those of us who lament the glory days of landlines, there’s a chance we could be seeing a reboot. According to the Wall Street Journal, both Amazon and Google are considering a new use for their voice-command technology: a home phone. This wouldn’t be your traditional pick-up and dial unit, of course, it’d be integrated with the speakers in your house. In a way, it’d be like talking to your house or your appliances. Read more.

Speaking of voice command technology… In recent months we’ve seen Alexa and Google Home take their place in the tech lexicon. Here’s a fun list of things Alexa can do.





Local Folklore

PSU Career Fair


This week, NetRush attended Portland State University’s career fair. Along with 70+ businesses, we set up camp for day of rapid, informative conversations with students and recent grads. It was a fun day and thanks to everyone who stopped by to speak to us and ask great questions. Links to our current openings can be found here. You can also find more information about the event here.





NetRush Hits 200K Reviews

Since we started selling products on Amazon, we’ve been getting valuable feedback that tells us how we’re doing. As of this month, we’ve amassed over 200,000 reviews and continue to pay attention to what is being said. As a company, we live and learn on the basis of our core values: to do the right thing, passionately contribute, embrace possibilities, and enjoy the ride.





What We’re Reading

In other Amazon related news, is Germany ready for Amazon?


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