Today, we’re celebrating the first anniversary of our partnership with EDELRID, the premium mountaineering brand with a legacy that started over 150 years ago.

To mark the occasion, we took part in one of the brand’s efforts to reuse and recycle their products. As a group project, we transformed a retired EDELRID rope into a decorative floor mat (click here to see a video showing their process).

What You Need:

  • 1 X EDELRID rope (40 meters should do)
  • A wooden board of 75 x 65 cm
  • A hammer
  • 18 nails at least 5 cm of length
  • A rope cutter (borrow one from your local dealer or climbing gym), alternatively use a knife and a lighter.
  • A few enthusiastic team members
  • The Pattern sketch

Like we’ve said before, it’s an honor to work with a brand that puts quality, innovation, ethics, and sustainability at the forefront of their business. Here’s to more anniversaries and the lifetime of incredible memories that are made with EDELRID products.