NetRush Digital Marketing Manager and resident data guru, Jordache Perozzo, has been fluent in Technology-speak since he was old enough to hold a remote control. His passion for game theory and sports filters through in his approach to work on a daily basis, blending fun with strategic objectives to make driving ROI an almost game-like endeavor. When he’s not creating dizzying spreadsheets, you’ll find him in meetings with his team, brainstorming taglines and spitballing ideas to apply the NetRush platform to partner brands’ marketing efforts.

This week, we took some time out of his day to talk with Jordache about his role at NetRush.

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What brought you to NetRush?

I came to NetRush at the beginning of 2015.

I was working in multi-channel e-commerce on behalf of a distributor. I had been doing some consulting and website design for manufacturers on the side, and I think Brian (CEO of NetRush) found one of my ads. After initially speaking with him, I started realizing that NetRush was solving the challenges I was experiencing at my current job, and that I could make an impact immediately. NetRush has the solution for brands to be successful, and the right game plan to make it happen in a scalable fashion. The growth NetRush has seen over the last two years proves that.

From a leadership perspective, things are done the right way. Brian and Chris (CFO) are definitely focused on leading with integrity and transparency, from top to bottom. This kind of belief system has been critical in the growth of the company, but also in my growth personally.

What typeS of challenges are in front of you?

All the growth we’re experiencing can be tricky to manage. There are so many opportunities to make an impact; figuring out which opportunities to tackle first might be frustrating to many people, but because we are so transparent, everyone is able to work with creative freedom to move the company forward.



How does your personality play into your style of management?

I genuinely care about the people I work with. I believe that you can’t really inspire someone to grow and mature to their full potential unless you’re fully invested in them. If you stop to think about your favorite teacher, coach, or boss, what made that person special or impactful is the way they treated your time together as more than just practice, class, or a regular day at work. We all have challenges and goals outside of work, and the best examples of leaders in my own life went the extra mile to understand me and leveraged that knowledge to inspire me to do better in all aspects of my life. The challenge to this method is to make it scalable. The best way I’ve found to do this is to be 100% transparent and straight to the point. Most are taken aback at first, but people really respond well to honesty, especially if they know it’s coming with their best intentions in mind. If your teammates have the guts to tell you about the food stuck in your tooth, you know you’re reaching them the right way.

What are you passionate about?

I love games. I’m extremely competitive. The types of games I play are a combination of chess, mixed with basketball and soccer, as far as how you can critically think during the game to change the strategy and win. These are not average games that you can play on your couch. I have performance metrics that I use to track how well I’m playing.

Most recently, I’m fascinated by blockchain technology, specifically its application to e-commerce and supply chain distribution. The technology right now reminds me of 1994, when the internet was for libraries and rarely found in homes  except this technology exists virtually, so most people don’t know what it is. It has the same potential that the internet did in 1994. Exciting possibilities and ideas are coming from the best technology leaders on the planet. The technology is proven to prevent counterfeit products, and guarantee accurate ledgers. That’s just the beginning. It’s truly disruptive, just like the internet continues to be. Blockchain technology will be the biggest innovation of my lifetime and I’m enjoying being involved and educated in its application early in its applications.

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