Amazon has been called a few four letter words, but there’s one that brands aren’t using enough. We’ll let you figure this one out. If you know your customers and understand their behavior, you can create more efficient ways to engage. Amazon is doing this better than anybody. Ask yourself: what do you see when…Continue Reading “What Is The 4 Letter Word Brands Should Use To Describe Amazon?”


“If we had a best dressed award, Shawn would win without a doubt.” These words belong to Tabatha Johnson, Director of Partner Development at NetRush, who has worked with Shawn Fenton for nearly three years. She’s not wrong. The consistency of his wardrobe game is impressive. We’re talking matching shoe-to-watch combos. “I respect his reasons,” Tabatha…Continue Reading “Employee Spotlight: Shawn Fenton (Brand Manager)”


We’re incredibly proud to share news that LectroFan, the patented sound and white noise machine by our partners at ASTI, has reached over 5,000 authentic Amazon customer reviews on Amazon. On top of the milestone that 5K represents, it’s important to recognize the significance of LectroFan’s consistent near five star rating overall, at a time…Continue Reading “NetRush & ASTI Celebrate 5K Amazon Reviews For LectroFan”


Technology has given us the means to reach anyone online, but connecting with people in person will always be the best way to do business. As Tracy Hooper, founder of the Confidence Project, says of one on one interactions, “that’s where the magic happens. It’s where chemistry, trust, and genuine connections are formed.” According to…Continue Reading “Tracy Hooper Brings The Confidence Project To NetRush”


NetRush responds to a recent article by Forbes, regarding whether or not Amazon pays sales taxes. Amazon is the topic of many interesting conversations right now. Especially leading up to Black Friday, after claiming 35% of national online sales in 2015. Similarly, Donald Trump has found himself mentioned in the occasional article of late (to…Continue Reading “Does Amazon Pay Taxes? NetRush Responds to Forbes”